Unistrut Central Division

The Unistrut Central Division has been the traditional heart and soul of the company since its inception in 1983.  When we bought the company in 1995, and changed the name from Unistrut Central Canada to Unistrut Central, these two product lines were all that we sold.  Our new name “UCC Industries” is a testament to our history as Ontario’s premier distributor of Unistrut products.

Unistrut is “the original metal framing system” developed in 1924 by Canadian Charles Atwood of Chatham ON.  He built the company to its glory in Wayne, Michigan, and although many other strut manufacturers have come and gone, Unistrut continues to be the strongest name in the industry.  Used extensively in the nuclear, industrial, and commercial construction markets for over 75 years, Unistrut has set the standard for product design, quality, and performance.  The initial Unistrut concept – a simple spring nut and bolt connecting a fitting to a continuous slotted channel – has evolved into a comprehensive engineered building and support system.  Our Pickering ON location always has high stock levels and we offer next day delivery on most orders.  Please click on the Unistrut icon to learn more today.

Hydra-Zorb Co. has been the leader in the strut mounted clamp market for over 30 years, offering a wide variety of solutions when shock, vibration and corrosion are a problem.  As the originator of the cushion clamp assembly, Hydra-Zorb is the name to request in the fluid power, pneumatic, refrigeration and HVAC industries.  UCC is proud to represent this fine product since our inception in 1983.  Please click on the Hydra-Zorb icon to learn more today.

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